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One Portrait Session:


30 minutes of shooting in the studio with 5 images of your choice in both color and black and white.


In 30 minutes we can get a lot done. Show up ready and your shoot will go quickly. Immediately following your shoot you get to sit in front of a big TV and choose your favorite images. Anything over 5 is only $5 per image!

Stack Sessions:

$150 and Up

It takes one sessions time to do hair.

It takes one sessions time to do makeup.

It takes one sessions time to be photographed in two outfits.

It takes a minimum of two sessions for any outdoor or location shoot.

Build a package that suits your needs!

Senior Sessions W/ the BFF:

$550 & Up

  8 portrait sessions ($600 value)

  This is enough time for 2 girls to get their hair done, makeup done, and be photographed in 2 outfits in 2 shared locations.
  This is enough time for 3 boys (or 3 girls that get no hair and makeup) to be photographed in 3 outfits in 3 shared locations.
  40 digital images of your choice 


  This is a lot of fun because you get to go to distant locations and shoot with your bestest friends!

Savings of $50

Growing Pains:


  4 portrait sessions (one studio session every 3 months)
  10 digital images for each session.

This is a great way to document your child as they grow and change.

Model Maker:

$350 & Up

Highly stylized shoots with a chance of publication. Build you portfolio in a rewarding way!

Great for rising stars of any age.

Business Builder:


Bring an outlined list of all the products you want to display.  When you arrive we will discuss your business esthetic.  You will show me any advertisements you have, and your website if you have one.  We will talk about the purpose these photos will serve, and then begin shooting.

You get 3 sessions of shooting. ($225 value)

30 images of your choice.  (15 additional images is a $75 value)

Savings of $50

Customer Appreciation:


I love my clients and they love me!  The more I see you the sweeter the deal....

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