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What makes us a group?

More than five people who are willing to spend a minimum of $30 for three digital images chosen by TAC Studios.

The more people the lower the minimum price is.  

How do I set up a group shoot?

First you will want to call for a consultation where we will decide whether the client is an organization offering free services for individuals, or if each individual is paying.  We will discuss different options the group may want, as well as decide on a time and place to do the shoot.

How much shooting time does each individual get?

This is varied depending on the size of the group, the amount of time available to the group as a whole, and the needs of the group.  Each individual will have anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes.

Who reviews the film?

If you want your group to be able to view their own film there is an additional charge of $20 for each individual.  This gets them their own password protected folder on a photo viewing website.  (Ex:  If I was a part of a group getting the basic digital package of $30 and wanted to review my own film it would be a total of $50.)  

If there is one person paying for the group shoot it is a $40 addition like always, and all the images are in one folder on a photo viewing website.

How do our images come?

Your images come in both color and black and white. They are burnt on to a printable CD. The CD has a copyright release form that gives my clients the freedom to print what they want, when they want it. All image files come in the same dimensions you see during review (basic 4x6 format). You do not get the images in thier original pixel ratio. This allows you to upload them to your favorite social network sites while still being able to print large clear images. Your image CD comes within two weeks of the submittal of your final choices.Prints take about three weeks to get back and a CD takes about two weeks.​ 

What if we want more stuff in our package?

Addititional digital images and prints can always be purchased.  The additional charge is the responsibility of the individual.  If the whole group wants the same items we can add that into the package price.

Who owns the copyright?

We share the copyright to any film you purchase.  Meaning that we can both use the images as we see fit.  As the client you can not sell our images.  You can not enter them into contests as your own work, and you can not remove my logo in editing software.  If you do not want your photos online, printed, or used to help promote TAC Studios there is a box to check on our contract.  As the photographer and business owner I will respect your specific wishes. 

Does TAC save the untouched film?

I save all the untouched film forever.  If you ever decide that you want more of your film or an additional CD just ask!  

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