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How do we book our event?

In order to get your event on my books I will need to collect a 30% non refundable deposit, and a signed contract.  Most clients come in at the time of booking for a free consultation, and I recommend that for all events over 3 sessions.

What should I bring to our consultation?

A timeline for your event.  It doesn't have to have specific times, but should include the order of events.  This helps me know where to be and when to be there.

A link to the website where your event is being held.  We will look through the photos available on the site, discuss where events will take place, and it will give me the address and phone numbers I need to be prepared.

With Pinterest and the internet there are so many ideas floating around.  Show me what you like!  It gives me a great idea of who you are and what you want to achieve.

Create an outline of the people you want in specific photos.  (EX:  Julie, Jeff, Jason, newlyweds; Beth, Bobby, and kids with Husband.)  The more specific your list the better!  I will call the names out and cross them off as we go.

Is it really a non-refundable deposit?

By booking your wedding with us you are saving a date.  A date that can not be booked by other clients.  If something happens I am happy to work with you in the future and offer gift certificates good for future photos that will never expire.

Who reviews the film?

Immediately following your event you get to sit in front of a big TV and look through every photo I took.  You will make a list of all the photos that you like and we will drop them into a new folder.  (I can do the first round prior to your viewing.) Then we do a round two.  Each round we get more picky about the ones we love until we have made our final choices.  


How do our images come?

Your images come in both color and black and white (unless otherwise stated), and are burnt on to a printable CD.  The CD has a copyright release form that gives my clients the freedom to print what they want, when they want it.  All image files come in the same dimensions you see during review (basic 4x6 format).  You will not get these images in thier original pixel ratio. I do this so that you are able to upload them to your favorite social network sites while still being able to print large clear images.  Your image CD comes within two weeks of the submittal of your final choices.

Prints take about four weeks to get back and a CD takes about two weeks.​

What if we want more images?

Additional images are always only $5 each.  Sometimes it gets hard to choose and you just want them all.  For people like you there is an option.  Ask for a quote to get an unedited copy of every image!

Who owns the copyright?

We share the copyright to any film you purchase.  Meaning that we can both use the images as we see fit.  As the client you can not sell our images.  You can not enter them into contests as your own work, and you can not remove my logo in editing software.  If you do not want your photos online, printed, or used to help promote TAC Studios there is a box to check on our contract.  As the photographer and business owner I will respect your specific wishes. 

Does TAC save the untouched film?

I save all the untouched film forever.  If you ever decide that you want more of your film or an additional CD just ask!  

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